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Handmade Argan Oil Serums & Whipped Butters for Natural Cosmetic Care

Handmade Argan Oil Serums & Whipped Butters for Natural Cosmetic Care

In Reverence of Natural Beauty


In Reverence of Natural Beauty

About Us

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Who we are

Argan Afriquia LLC is a US based entity  (Alabama), with locations in The Kingdom of Morocco and the UAE (Dubai). Our product line is the result of our team's years of combined research and shared passion in promoting the beauty of humankind in its natural state. Our aim is to provide natural, Argan Oil based natural cosmetics solutions to help enhance your cosmetic regimen and improve your overall wellness. All our products are composed of pure, Moroccan Argan Oil, specially selected butters and essential oils. All our offerings are 100% plant based and 100% phosphate free. Be it hair care, skin care, or nail care, we want to help you love you just the way you are...


Argan Oil Infused serums and butters

Argan Oil is called "liquid gold" by the inhabitants of the land it is native of. We source our Certified Organic Moroccan Argan Oil from Tiznit, Morocco. A traditionally Amazigh region, it is world renown as a preferred source of pure Argan Oil. We employ a painstaking process of selection, followed by a rigorous process of handmade preparation to create each Argan Afriquia product. Whether it's Aloe Butter or Shea Butter, all our products are carefully selected with your well being in mind. Argan Oil is rich with beneficial fatty acids, Vitamin E and nourishing nutrients which aid in hair care, skin care, nail care, and overall bodily wellness. Our serums and butters are specially formulated to enhance the healing properties of Argan Oil while providing you with pleasing scents and soothing textures.  Click on the "SHOP NOW" button below and begin your Argan Afriquia Experience...


Team Afriquia

Team Afriquia is our global family of patrons, customers and supporters. Team Afriquia is you. We want to hear from you because your opinion helps us better serve you. We want to hear your story and share ours with you. Join the team by clicking the "JOIN UP NOW" button below. Show your support for our mission to spread the love of natural beauty, one mind at a time. Check out our Argan Afriquia T-Shirts in our SHOP and make one yours. 

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